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By booking an "in person" class with us, or taking out a monthly membership, you agree to the following cancellation policy:

1.You are required to provide a mobile number at booking to allow us to text you of any class changes.

2. Should Elite Fitness Studio require to cancel your booking, you will be notified by text & e-mail.

3. If Elite Fitness Studio cancel your PAYG booking, we will refund you to the payment method you used. Refunds take 3-5 business days to clear.

3. SHOULD YOU cancel your booking at any time, no refunds are given under any circumstances. 

4. You can cancel your class up to two hours before the class starts. If you cancel before then, you may claim a voucher code to book a new class. You must contact us to claim this. Our system does not automatically do this.

5. Any cancellations made within 2 hours before the class start time will be subject to a £5 "Missed Class" fee.

6. Any person who books a class and fails to attend will be subject to a £5 "Missed Class" fee.

7. Monthly memberships require to provide 1 month's notice to cancel.

On behalf of all the instructors at Elite Fitness Studio, we look forward to welcoming you to the studio! Enjoy your classes! 

The Elite Team x

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