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What Is Level UP?

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Level UP is the new Online Coaching service from Elite Fitness Studio.

If you are coming to classes / group PT sessions or even going to the gym elsewhere and need some guidance, support, accountability and encouragement to keep you motivated and reaching your targets, then Level UP is the answer!

There will be two "levels" to choose from with different services included in each.

You do not have to be an Elite member to take advantage of this! Everyone is welcome to join.

Numbers are limited for Level Two due to what is involved.

What is Involved?

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The first level includes:

  • Macros / Calories calculated for you to suit your goals

  • Training / Class / Gym plan depending on your preference

  • Daily targets to be met including steps, water intake and protein intake

  • Guidance on how to amend your calories/activity yourself to continue progressing

  • Weekly challenges / group exercises

  • Accountability in the way of a private Facebook group of all our Level One & Level Two members where we will post our nutrition, activity & workout achievements daily/weekly.


The second level includes:

  • All of the benefits of Level One

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach including measurements & progress photos

  • Personalised feedback and 

  • Group PT sessions solely for Level Two members

  • 1-2-1 support in way of direct access to your coach to private message at any time for support and guidance. 

  • Discounts on clothing / events with Elite

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Ready to LevelUP?

Members use "IMAMEMBER1" or "IMAMEMBER2" at checkout to get the discounted price.

Once you have taken out your membership, we will be in touch to arrange getting you set up!

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